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About Us

The Armstrong Nautical Story

Armstrong, doing business since 1984, officially became Armstrong Nautical Products in 1990.

Manufactured in our facility in Stuart, Florida our products are 100% “Made in the USA” and represent the leading edge in innovation in the marine industry.

The Armstrong Outboard Bracket represents the first of Armstrong’s list of innovations. With positive flotation v- shaped chambers to integrated swim platforms, to the introduction of the Tournament Series Bracket for engine ratings of 350HP and more, Armstrong has helped take the industry far beyond the world of tubular outboard “mounts.”

“Going Overboard with Service” is Armstrong’s motto. But just in case you did go overboard you needn’t worry as long as you have an Armstrong Center Pole Boarding Ladder known for its strength, comfort and durability! Armstrong, the first to bring the center pole ladder to market in late 1980s continued to innovate with the Armstrong Center Pole Swing Ladder in late 1990s. The Center Pole Ladder was the first commercially available ladder to have the “fin friendly” center pole design, the outward angle for added comfort, meet ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) H-41standards and actually FLOAT…indefinitely! Manufactured of passivated and electro polished stainless steel and chosen by many boat manufacturers the world over this ladder set the standard against which many have attempted to copy.

When the ABYC recommended that all boats have a boarding ladder that was deployable by a person in the water Armstrong was already anticipating the need. The Armstrong Telescopic Ladder has the “fin friendly” “center pole” design and has been tested to ABYC H-41 standards. Available in 3 or 4 step models, this jewel-like ladder, manufactured from 316 stainless steel and having all the attributes for which Armstrong Ladders are known, is finding favor with many yacht builders.

RIBs, the boats used by the Coast Guard that are finding their way into more recreational uses, are terribly difficult to board, from the water or on the hard. To answer this problem Armstrong designed and developed the RIB Ladder. Winning the DAME Category Award for Safety in 2009 the Armstrong RIB Ladders is rated to 400 pound (181kg), never pushes under the boat, is telescopic, removable, has extra wide steps and is angled for comfort. If you own a RIB you’ll want an Armstrong RIB ladder to get aboard!

Deckplates by Armstrong were developed in 1992. Truly water proof, Armstrong Deckplates were developed for Armstrong Brackets out of the need for a deckplate that was watertight, easy to remove and replace and extremely strong. Additionally, Armstrong Deckplates require no bezel or trim ring saving time and money during installation. You need only to cut a hole in a relatively smooth, flat surface and seal the edge, no messy goops or goo’s to clean up, no screws to bed. Armstrong Deckplates come in 4 different sizes and 3 different colors and are CE certified!

We hope you’ll find the Armstrong ecommerce experience a pleasant one. What you won’t find is Armstrong Outboard Brackets. If you’d like to order an Armstrong Outboard Bracket please start by going to our website   www.armstrongnautical.com to the “Bracket Request for Quote Form” found at the end of the section on Brackets and the section on Repower and follow the instructions. For all other Armstrong Products please use our ecommerce site. Should you have any questions go to esales@armstrongnautical.com 


In the meantime, Happy Boating!


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